International refugee law and practice – LAW4164

Review 1

When did you complete this unit? Semester and Year

Semester 1 2022.

Teaching of the Unit (lecture, class and tutorial style)

1 x 2 hour lecture and 1 x recorded video (30-60 mins).

What are assessments and exams like?

50% Assignment and 50% Take Home

Assignment: 3000 words, very research heavy. You get to choose from two topics.
Exam: 2500 words, take home, in week 11(ish). Mostly problem based (like a core unit with a made up client) but a small short answer essay similar to the assignment at the end.

Essentiality of readings? i.e. Must complete or are lectures sufficient?

Readings are essential for about 4 weeks of the content (i.e. the examinable bits) and then whatever you choose to do your essay on, reading is essential.

Reading guide is pretty minimum and the CE makes clear what is examinable and what is not for everything.

Lectures are sufficient for about half the content.

Pros and Cons of the Unit

Pros: Great Chief Examiner who is passionate, well researched and experienced in the field.

Cons: Does not have a lot of structure, heavy on critical analysis, some requirement of ‘real world’ knowledge such as international relations and Australian politics (i.e. Abbot/Gillard/Rudd/Morrison policies).

Difficulty of unit on a scale

Quality of the unit

General feedback + tips for students

Overall highly recommend this unit, but don’t do it for an easy mark! However the Chief Examiner marks very fairly and gives great feedback.