Non-Adversarial Justice – LAW4225

Review 1

When did you complete this unit? Semester and Year

Sem 2 2020.

Teaching of the Unit (lecture, class and tutorial style)

Lecture/ workshops. Included lots of guest lectures from industry experts.

What are assessments and exams like?

Oral, research essay and a take home exam.

Essentiality of readings? i.e. Must complete or are lectures sufficient?

Readings from the textbook are relatively essential as the take home exam does require you to have knowledge from the readings. Other readings are only essential with regard to your chosen essay topic.

Pros and Cons of the Unit 

Pros – All assessments due before SWOTVAC, the subject is team taught so you get the opportunity to learn from a range of experts, assessments are varied which gives all students an opportunity to succeed.

Cons- Because the course only runs for 8 weeks, the lectures are VERY long.

Difficulty on unit on a scale

Quality of the unit

General feedback + tips for students

NAJ is my favourite subject I’ve done so far. It covers such a wide range of topics and has a really useful practical element.