Legal Issues in Medicine – LAW4312

Review 1

When did you complete this unit? Semester and Year

Semester 2 2020.

Teaching of the Unit (lecture, class and tutorial style)

2 x 1.5 hour lectures but we had discussion in them as well, kind of like a lectorial style.

What are assessments and exams like?

1 x 40% policy essay and 1 x 60% problem question exam.

Essentiality of readings? i.e. Must complete or are lectures sufficient?

Not essential, but doing the readings for the topics that are a bit unclear helps!!

Pros and Cons of the Unit

Pros- really interesting content and Fiona is so passionate. By far my favourite subject. Cons- the essay question was quite confusing, I arranged a meeting with Fiona to discuss it and only then was able to formulate my answer. Probably the longest amount of time I’ve spent on an essay and I think it would be hard to do well if you didn’t meet with her. I managed to do well, but from what I heard her marking was extremely hard on the essay- she has high expectations.

Difficulty of unit on a scale

Quality of the unit

General feedback + tips for students

Attend the lectures- you will learn the best by this and engaging in discussion, also Fiona will appreciate and notice you being there!