Law of employment – LAW4132

Review 1

When did you complete this unit? (Semester, year)

Semester 2, 2021.

Teaching style (lecture, class and tutorial)

Lectures only.

What are the assessments and exams like?

40% tests throughout the semester 60% exam.

Essentiality of readings? Are the lectures sufficient?

Did not complete any of the readings and lectures were sufficient to do well in the tests and okay on the exam.

Pros and cons of the unit

Pros: interesting subject matter, applicable to most working people.

Cons: only lectures so not a lot of opportunity to engage with the material in the classroom setting, some students felt that it was not taught to sufficiently structure an exam answer.

Difficulty of unit on a scale

Quality of the unit

General feedback + tips for students

I really liked Stuart Kollmorgen as examiner and there were several guest presenters which was a nice change. I would say just make sure you take good notes throughout the year and have a good idea of how each of the different areas link to each other.