At the PLN, we are always planning exciting new initiatives about the public law issues that you are passionate about. To find out more about how to get involved with us, have a gander through our events page. Want more info? Email us at

Ongoing Events

Virtual ‘Book’ Club

In partnership with the Deakin Law Alternative, the PLN presents our monthly ‘book’ club where we connect via an online forum to discuss and examine progressive law topics with leading experts. Watch this space.

Session 1
Gender Issues and Refugee Law
Emily Singh and Dr Brandy Cochrane
Session 2
Implications of the Pell Judgment
Justin Hanneberry QC
Session 3
The Legality of Baby Markets
Dr Dominique Martin and Dr Britta van Beers

Public Interest Careers Mentoring Program

The PLN is excited to launch our inaugural Public Interest Careers Mentoring Program for 2020! We are inviting all law students who are interested in public interest and other non-commercial law pathways to apply.

Mentees will be matched to a mentor on a one-to-one basis. Students will have the opportunity to indicate their preferences as to which field of law they are most interested in. The PLN will endeavour to match the student with a professional who has had experience working in that field of law, though we cannot guarantee that this is possible.

Apply and read more here. Applications close midnight 7th August.

Past Events – Semester 1

Climate Justice Action Panel

April 1st, 2020

Featuring stellar guest speakers Dr. Michelle Maloney (Earth Laws Alliance), Bronya Lipski (Environmental Justice Australia) and Dr Keely Boom (Climate Justice Australia), the panel was an invigorating reminder to not stay complacent with our activism during these complicated times.

COVID-19 and the Law: Human Rights and Democracy

May 26th, 2020

In this event, we get an inside scoop on what public law experts have to say on what COVID-19 means for human rights, the functioning of democracy and the future of the progressive law movement. We were joined by Tamar Hopkins, George Williams AO and Tim Lo Surdo as Lee Strike was unable to make the event.

Policy Essay Pic

Policy Essay Competition

Due: May 29th 2020

Topic: What is the most important public interest law issue of this new decade? *puts thinking cap on*

Get your voice heard and share with us your thoughts on how an area of public law can promote access to justice and fair policies for all. 

Read the top 5 essays on our blog!

PLN at O-Fest – S2

July 28th 2020

This was an opportunity to hear about what the PLN does and what different opportunities there are to be involved in ‘progressive law’ while at university. Later-year law students shared about different experiences they have had and answer any questions.

We hosted a young lawyer working in refugee and asylum seeker law: Laura Chalk. Laura is a solicitor at the ASRC. Laura shared some insights on their career and offer advice. Laura shared some current challenges facing refugees and asylum seekers in light of COVID19.

Check out the audio!

R U OK 2020: Mental Health in a Global Pandemic

September 8th 2020

This discussion took a close look at the mental health impacts of COVID-19 and sought to better understand what is being done to mitigate them. Is current mental health policy adequate in today’s environment? What issues must mental health services and policy makers be most aware of in their response to present conditions? What is to be done to ensure mental health services are wide-reaching and effective in Australia going forward?

To tackle these questions, we were joined by Christian Lane co-founder of ‘A Reasonable Standard’, Dr Jessica Dean from Beyond Blue and Stuart Muir Wilson and Michael McGarvie from the Ecological Justice Hub.

PLN x PILN: Black Lives Matter

The recent Black Lives Matter movement and #abolishpolice protests have gained momentum globally in Australia. We are devastated that it once again took the public and tragic deaths of more Black lives, to remind us of how the legal system fails Black people every day. Not enough is being done to enact change in the structures in which racial violence, particularly against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, exist. We want and need to do better.

The Progressive Law Network and Public Interest Law Network brought together panellists (Teela Reid and Douglas Briggs) to discuss the legal implications of the Black Lives Matter movement in Australia, the role of law students and young lawyers, and many other topics relating to the what BLM looks like in Australia.

Take a listen here! Apologies as the beginning was slightly cut off.




Sexism in the Legal Profession

Sexism is endemic in the legal profession and has been since its inception. This manifests in many way. Patriarchal ideals and structural biases reinforce a culture in which the allegations against Dyson Heydon surfaced.

We discussed this and more with Kathleen Foley (barrister, writer and past Associate to Justice Hayne), Molina Asthana (Vice President of the National Executive of Asian Australian Lawyers Association) and Josh Bornstein (National Head of Maurice Blackburn’s Employment and Industrial Law Department).

Join us!