Animal law – LAW4230

Review 1

When did you complete this unit? (Semester, year)

Semester 2 2019.

Teaching style (lecture, class and tutorial)

Interactive seminars (discussion-based lectures).

What are the assessments and exams like?

Mid-semester take home practical task, final research essay.

Essentiality of readings? Are the lectures sufficient?

Readings sensible to do to get most out of discussions, but lectures give good summary of content.

Pros and cons of the unit

Pros: applications of a diverse range of legal areas (property, admin, torts, trusts, criminal law) to a specific issue; mix of essential practical content and non-essential, but interesting policy content; choice of essay topic for final assessment; Joanna is an amazing teacher.

Cons: none, this is the best unit I’ve done at Monash.

Difficulty of unit on a scale 

Quality of the unit

General feedback + tips for students

Do the readings, even if you just skim read them. Don’t focus too much on taking notes for this unit after you finish covering content for the mid-Sem; you’ll get more out of it by engaging in discussion and the final assessment is research based anyway.