About Us

Our Story

The Progressive Law Network was first formed at Monash University in 2010 by law students and legal professionals, as an independent, volunteer-run, and not-for-profit association.

As a network of people passionate about social and environmental justice within the law, from our inception we have been engaged with how the law can advance the human rights of marginalised communities, promote substantive equality for all, and ensure the flourishing of our natural environment.

We encourage university students and professionals to engage with legal challenges and bring about positive change in the law; we run seminars and workshops to promote your interest and knowledge in public interest law; we encourage and empower intelligent, informed legal advocacy and activism; and we strive to connect you with volunteer and career opportunities that will open up a path of progressive law. 

The 2023 PLN Committee is as follows;

  • President: Benjamin Racz
  • Vice-President: Maiysha Moin
  • Secretary: Owen Wallace
  • (Co-Opted) Treasurer: Paris Nguyen
  • Events Officer: Lillie Priede
  • Careers Officer: Caroline Lei
  • Marketing & Social Media Officer: Hanyah Hanif Abdeen
  • First Year Officer: Nick Fallaw
  • General Representative: Rebekah Chhorn
  • General Representative: Sandy Nguyen-Duong
  • General Representative: Adithi Srinivasan

Like what we do? Join us and register your membership!

Anyone can become a member of the PLN– you don’t have to be a law student, or involved with Monash University- although only students at the Monash Clayton campus may be ‘ordinary members’ with voting rights at our General Meetings and the ability to nominate for vacant Committee positions.

We run elections to decide the Committee for the following year during our AGM, which is usually in September. Following this, we also open up applications for our 3 subcommittees (Events, Careers, & Marketing). To see other ways to take part in the PLN, see the ‘Get Involved’ tab above!