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We’re a network of people passionate about social and environmental justice within the law. We encourage university students and professionals to engage with legal challenges and bring about positive change in the law. We run seminars and workshops to promote your interest in public interest law, we encourage intelligent and informed legal advocacy, and we strive to connect you with volunteer and career opportunities. 

Want to get published? We’re always looking for new articles for our blog. If you’ve get something to say, send us your work or pitch us at pln@monashclubs.org. We accept AGLC4 referencing.

The 2022 PLN Committee is as follows;

President: Piper Blake
Vice President: Eva Scopelliti
Secretary: Ella Hadley
Treasurer : Demitri Kaminis
Events Officer: Nicole Flynn
Careers Officer: Anika Baheti
Marketing & Social Media Officer: Rachel Kim
First Year Officer: Sithmi Mudiyanselage
General Representative: Ben Racz
General Representative: Maiysha Moin
General Representative: Malinthi Mallawa

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